Handout Library

The Building Department has an extensive collection of informational handouts, brochures and forms.

Packets are collections of forms, handouts and brochures for different types of projects. Packets save you time and speed up the permitting process by giving you all the relevant information for your project.

Commonly Used Handouts and Brochures

  1. 2019 California Code Update Brochure (PDF))
  2. 2019 California Energy-Electrical Code Update Brochure (PDF)
  3. 2019 Residential General Notes Sheet
  4. 2019 Residential Plan Review Checklist
  5. 2019 Substantial Code Change Quick Reference (PDF)
  6. Above ground Propane Tank Requirements (PDF)
  7. ADA Simplified Details
  8. As Built Plan Review-Inspection Requirements (PDF)
  9. Asbestos Guide For Consumers (PDF)
  10. As-Built Permit Process (PDF)
  11. Balcony-Deck Code Requirements (PDF)
  12. Building Permit Application Handbook (PDF)
  13. Cable Railing Handout (PDF)
  14. Cal Green Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF)
  15. Check Status of Your Permit Online (PDF)
  16. Commercial Cool Roof Handout (PDF)
  17. Commercial Plan Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  18. Construction & Demolition Waste Management Handout (PDF)
  19. Construction Waste Management Plan (PDF)
  20. Create an Application Online (PDF)
  21. Cutting, Notching and Boring Details (PDF)
  22. Deck Construction Guide (PDF)
  23. Did you Know Brochure (Summer 2018).(PDF)
  24. Did you Know Brochure (Winter 2017) (PDF)
  25. Did you Know Brochure (Winter 2019) (PDF)
  26. Do It Once... Do It Right Grading Flyer (PDF)
  27. Dont Get Nailed by a Scam Artist! (PDF)
  28. Driveway Standards Handout (PDF)
  29. Eastern County Inspections
  30. Elevation View Samples (PDF)
  31. Emergency Escape Rescue Windows (PDF)
  32. Emergency Escape and Rescue Windows (PDF)
  33. Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (PDF)
  34. Express Permit Handout (PDF)
  35. Fee Estimate for New Residence Eastern Nevada County
  36. Fee Estimate for New Residence in Western Nevada County (PDF)
  37. Fire Districts Western Nevada County (PDF)
  38. Fire Fees Truckee Fire Protection District
  39. Fire Sprinkler Fact Sheet (PDF)
  40. Foundation Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  41. Gas Line Pipe Sizing Handout (PDF)
  42. General Notes Sheet (PDF)
  43. Generator Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  1. Greenhouse Permitting (PDF)
  2. High-Low Tunnel Greenhouse Minor Electrical (PDF)
  3. Inspection Arrow
  4. Inspection Scheduling Handout (PDF)
  5. Lead in Your Home Brochure (PDF)
  6. Manufactured Home Permit Information (PDF)
  7. Manufactured Home Permit Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  8. Medical Marijuana Building Submittal Checklist(PDF)
  9. Over the Counter Permits
  10. Owner Builder Property Owner Packet (PDF)
  11. Permit Transfer Form (PDF)
  12. Recreational Vehicle Handout (PDF)
  13. Residential All-Rough Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  14. Residential Cool Roof Handout (PDF)
  15. Residential Electrical Service Handout (PDF)
  16. Residential Final Building Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  17. Residential Generator Single Line Template (PDF)
  18. Residential Plan Submittal Checklist -Fillable (PDF)
  19. Residential Solar PV Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  20. Residential Utility General Notes Sheet (PDF)
  21. Roof Solar Setback Examples (PDF)
  22. Roofing Inspection Guidelines (PDF)
  23. School Developer Fees NUJHSD (PDF)
  24. School Developer Fees TTUSD (PDF)
  25. Shear-Roof Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  26. Single-User Restroom Signage (AB 1732) (PDF)
  27. Site Milled Lumber Grading
  28. Site Plan Sample (PDF)
  29. Storm Water Requirements at Construction Sites (PDF)
  30. Swiming Pool Handout (PDF)
  31. Third Party Plan Review Handout(PDF)
  32. Truckee Rec Park District Mitigation Fee Handout (PDF)
  33. Type B Venting (PDF)
  34. Typical Crawl Space Equipment Installations (PDF)
  35. Typical Light Framing Section Detail (PDF)
  36. Underground Propane Tank Handout (PDF)
  37. Underground Utility Coverage Requirements
  38. Water Heater Installation Handout (PDF)
  39. Who Can Prepare Plans Handout (PDF)
  40. Why 100 Ft for Vegetation Clearance (PDF)
  41. WUI Brochure (PDF)
  42. WUI Homeowner Checklist (PDF)