Waiver Program - Plan B


A child of a veteran who has a service-connected disability, had a service-connected disability at time of death, or died as a result of his or her of service-connected conditions.

  • Benefit is for children only
  • Benefits can be awarded even if student receives Chapter 35 benefits
  • Child’s adjusted gross income plus the value of parental support must not exceed the Census Bureau
  • Current academic year benefits are based upon the previous calendar year’s annual income (2020), contact us for current income  limit
  • There is no age limit
  • Wartime service is not a requirement

What We Need

  • Copy of student's tax return for previous year, such as IRS form 1040EZ or similar State form, or a statement of non-filing from the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board
  • If the applicant is a step-child, we will need a copy of the parents’ marriage certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Verification of veteran's service-connected rating 
  • Copy of veteran's DD-214