Fleet Services

Fleet Services Division is responsible for centralized routine and preventive maintenance and repairs as needed for County vehicles. The Division also determines vehicle replacement, financing acquisition costs, development of specifications and award of contracts for procurement, control over vehicle operation, provides operating materials and supplies, maintains vehicle records and departmental distribution of vehicle costs.


County of Nevada Fleet Services Division showcased in Case Study 

Almost all County staff use a County vehicle or has reserved a car from the County Pool Car Fleet. We don’t think much beyond the reservation, the journey or the re-filling of the gas tank at the end of the day. Little do we realize how much is going on behind the scenes with the vehicle we are driving and how hard the Fleet Services Division works to spend County dollars wisely by implementing state of the art programs and systems in vehicles.  

One such program is Smart Pedal, a ruggedized computing device the size of an iPhone charger that monitors vehicle motion during travel and works to help improve mileage and reduce operating costs.

The SmartPedal system was deployed into a large segment of the County’s fleet. As part of that deployment, the County worked with SmartPedal to be part of a 2-year, case study on the overall outcome of the systems deployment within the fleet.

Just one year later, the program had already realized savings for the County with mileage gains on all platforms, a 43% ROI from fuel savings, greenhouse savings and a 2-year payback on investment.

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