Utility Meters

Utility meters such as electric, gas, and water meters, when they are used to submeter to residents of a mobile home park, apartment, marina, or similar complex, are routinely tested.

The installation of the meter directly affects performance. Wiring and meter connections are vital to correct metering of electricity, while plumbing and level installations of gas vapor and water meters are important to their accuracy. The computations of bills, using correct rate schedules, is also verified.

Man at a Counter With EquipmentWeights and Measures is only one agency that investigates consumer complaints. Check other listings for agencies dealing with specific issues.


The Public Utilities Commission sets utility rates. There are different rates for different circumstances such as all electric heating, doctors' prescribed health maintenance requirement, low income, and time-of-use meters. Bills should indicate the correct rate code, the zone code, the number of days in the billing cycle, beginning and ending meter readings and reading dates, the baseline and over-baseline amounts, the charges of each, any adjustments for rebates or surcharges, and the total billing charge. Weights and Measures seals electric, gas, and water utility submeters where PG&E or other utility does not provide direct service.

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