Design Criteria

Design CriteriaFinding Parcel Specific Design Criteria

You can find parcel-specific design criteria like parcel elevation, ground snow load, climate zone, and wind exposure on the My Neighborhood Interactive Map. Structures in Nevada County west of Kingvale designed per the 2019 CBC have a basic design wind speed (V) of 95 mph for risk category II buildings and 85 mph for risk category I buildings. Residential structures designed per the 2019 CRC have a VASD of 85mph and a Vult of 110mph. 

Areas above 4000’ elevation and east of Kingvale are in a special wind region per the California Building Code. The basic design wind speeds (V) are

Risk Category I =110 mph
Risk Category II = 120 mph
Risk Category III & IV=130 mph

Determining the Parcel Specific Seismic Design Category

1. Look up the parcel in the Neighborhood Interactive Map. Note the latitude and longitude which are located in the lower right corner of the display.

2. Go to the ATC Hazards by Location and enter the location of the parcel. Note the value of S DS 

3. Use the table below to determine the parcel-specific seismic design category.

SDS Table