Town of Truckee Office Open to the Public by Appointment Only

For assistance please contact the Nevada County Environmental Health Department satellite location in the Town of Truckee at (530)582-2460, or Environmental Specialist Jo Paden at (530)470-2787  email Jo Paden, or contact the Nevada City main office at (530)265-1222, extension 3.

Building Clearance Requirements for Town of Truckee Parcels/Permits

Town of Truckee Permits that involve a parcel in Nevada County with either a septic system or well require a Building Clearance from the Nevada County Department of Health if it involves the following:

  • Changing the original footprint of the home (additions, decks, patios)
  • Adding or changing any accessory structures (Additional Dwelling Units, garages, storage buildings, carports, pools)
  • Changing the number of bedrooms (additions, remodels)

When applying for a building permit with the Town of Truckee, please provide an additional site plan with the septic system accurately shown for the Nevada County Department of Health to conduct the review as smoothly as possible. 

Application and Payment for Building Clearance 

You will have to complete the Building Clearance Application and pay a fee, see below. 

  1. To fill out the Town of Truckee Building Clearance Application Packet, please save the form to your computer, fill out ALL sections, save again and email it back to
  2. We charge a one-hour minimum fee of $195.72, instructions for payment will be provided once a completed TOT Building Clearance Application Packet has been received.