Donner Pass Road Improvements

Donner Pass Road Construction Updates

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Project Description

This project consists of road rehabilitation and shoulder widening on 6.5 miles of Donner Pass Road beginning at the Soda Springs exit and ending at the Truckee town limit east of the summit.   A typical road section will consist of two 11-foot lanes with 4-foot shoulders plus safety edges, except in the downhill direction on the east side due to topographical constraints. The project will also improve recreational and sightseeing access, with enhanced parking on the east side of the summit that connects to rock climbing, hiking, and biking amenities, as well as to historic and prehistoric features. Bicycling conditions will be improved with bike lanes in both directions on the west side and in the uphill direction on the east side. Enhanced pullouts and parking areas include the Rainbow Bridge parking lot, School House pullout, Star Wall pullout, Snow shed North and South pullouts, Space Wall pullout, and Black Wall pullout. During the winter the widening will also provide additional snow storage and improve access to winter recreational destinations. Nevada County received California Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) funding for this project in 2015. The project is being managed and delivered by the Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD).


  • Primarily funded through the Federal Lands Access Program.

Total Budget

  • approximately $11 million dollars

Current Status

  • Preliminary construction activities will begin the week of May 25, 2020.  Construction scheduled for the summer seasons of 2020 and 2021.  To receive regular updates as they become available, please subscribe to the Alert Center for this project at


  • CEQA completed February 2019. NEPA completed April 2019.


Encroachment permits for events will not be issued during construction