2018 Point In Time Count

2018 Count

Nevada County Count: Various shelters counted their number of guests on the night of January 24th, 2018 – including Hospitality House, the Sierra Roots Warming Center, the Truckee Warming Center, and Booth Family Center. During the day on January 25th, 2018, Nevada County and multiple community organizations (including Hospitality House, Salvation Army, Sierra Roots, SPIRIT Peer Empowerment Center, Community Beyond Violence, and Pets In Need) hosted a Homeless Connect Event at the Salvation Army in Grass Valley, with a wide variety of services including a warm meal. 

  • Included in the Count: Unsheltered Homeless - people living outside, in cars, or other places not meant for human habitation and Sheltered Homeless - people living in emergency shelters, motels paid for by an agency and transitional housing for the homeless. 
  • Not included in the Count: those temporarily living with family or friends (doubled up or couch surfing), those living in permanent supportive housing or Rapid Rehousing, and those in institutions – such as jails, foster care, or hospitals.

2018 Results Summary

The 2018 Point In Time results demonstrated a 27% decrease as compared to 2017. Various factors can affect these results since they are performed on a single night - such as weather (this year the count was performed on a cold and snowy day), location of the event, etc. This year’s count results are relatively in line with previous years’ count results.

2018 Point In Time Results One Pager

2018 Point In Time Results Summary

2018 Point In Time Count Number Percentage of Answers
Total Number of Persons 272 100%
Total Individuals/Couples with no children 208 76%
Total Persons with at least one child 64 24%
Total Number of families 18 N/A
Where they slept the night of the count Number Percent of Answers
Total Sheltered Homeless 180 66%
Total Unsheltered Homeless 92 34%
Age Survey Answers Percent of Answers
Total Children under 18 29 12%
Total Adults 18 to 24 years of age 13 5%
Total Adults 25 to 59 years of age 169 70%
Total Adults 60 years old and older 30 13%
Gender Survey Answers Percent of Answers
Adult Males 139 65%
Adult Females 74 35%
Chronically Homeless Survey Answers Percent of Answers
Chronically Homeless Individuals (only adults) 107 44%
Total Persons in Chronically Homeless Families 20 8%
Other Subpopulations Survey Answers Percent of Answers
Veterans (adults only) 25 13%
Adults with Serious Mental Illness 73 35%
Adults with Substance Use Disorder 47 22%
Adults Currently Fleeing DV/SA/HT Stalking 25 12%
Adults who have lived in Foster Care or Group Homes 43 22%