COVID-19 Information

If you received a text from phone number 23393 , it's the California COVID-19 Response Team, with an important message from the California Department of Public Health and/or Nevada County Public Health. It is safe to click on the link and start communicating with the Virtual Assistant. You may receive links for a survey, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), resources, or the COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring System. You can reply STOP at any time to stop receiving messages from the Virtual Assistant. All information collected is protected and will be used exclusively for public health purposes. 

Note: Even if you complete the Virtual Assistant Survey, a follow-up call may be needed to provide further important information and support, so please answer any calls you may also receive from Nevada County Public Health.

COVID-19 Outbreak Data-California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal

The State Department of Public Health shall make workplace industry information received from local public health departments pursuant to this section available on its internet website in a manner that allows the public to track the number and frequency of COVID-19 outbreaks and the number of COVID-19 cases and outbreaks by industry reported by any workplace in accordance with subdivision (b). Local public health departments and the division shall provide a link to this page on their internet websites. No personally identifiable employee information shall be made public or posted.