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Nevada County Vaccine Update: Eligibility expands to 16 and older at Nevada County Public Health Clinics

16+ now eligible at public health vaccine clinics4/1: Starting today, Nevada County Public Health has opened up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older at our Public Health clinics.

We want to make sure that our rate of community vaccinations stays as fast as possible and that people who are ready to get vaccinated can get an appointment. Public Health has seen the availability in our appointment scheduling system increase in the last few weeks, so we have opened up eligibility for Nevada County Public Health clinics to everyone 16 and older. 

  • Everyone 50+ is eligible at all vaccine providers, including Public Health clinics.
  • Everyone 16+ is eligible at Nevada County Public Health's clinics.
  • Vaccine is free and you don't need insurance to get your dose. However, if you have insurance, have your insurance info ready if you book your appointment via

How to get an appointment when you are eligible

  • Appointments for 50+ and eligible employment sectors:
    • As of today, everyone 50 and older is eligible statewide, plus people who work in health care, education and childcare, food and agriculture, and emergency services. For a detailed list of eligibility, check our Vaccine Schedule page.
    • See our Vaccine Provider page for info on available appointments at individual providers. Availability varies based on supply.
    • Use or 1-833-422-4255 for Public Health clinics. Public Health releases appointments Fridays at noon.
  • Appointments for people 16 and older:
    • Public Health appointments are available via or 1-833-422-4255 for our clinic in Grass Valley. We post new appointments every Friday around noon for the following week.
    • Pfizer is the only vaccine that 16 and 17 year old's can receive. Everyone 18 or older can receive all vaccine types. If you are 16 or 17, make sure you are signing up for a Pfizer vaccine clinic only. Public Health's Whispering Pines clinics are Pfizer. 16 and 17 year old's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at their appointment.
    • People 16 and older will be eligible statewide April 15.

More than 44,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given in Nevada County

  • CDC guidance on what you can and can't do once you are fully vaccinated (fully vaccinated means two weeks after your final dose).
  • You are not jumping the line if you are eligible! Every vaccine administered is a win for the whole community. 
  • Please make every effort to keep your second appointment for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Every dose is precious.
  • If applicable, you need to receive your second dose where you received your first dose. Public Health cannot schedule second dose-only appointments.

Please stay informed as this is an evolving situation

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