Electronic Campaign Disclosure Using Netfile

Candidates and proponents and opponents of local measures and state propositions must file financial reports concerning contributions received and expenditures made in accordance with the Political Reform Act of 1974 and its amendments http://www.sos.ca.gov/campaign-lobbying/.

Section A-II 7.1 of the Nevada County Administrative Code requires candidates and political campaigns to file most campaign statements electronically. The ordinance can be found at https://library.qcode.us/lib/nevada_county_ca/pub/county_code/item/title_1-chapter_ii-article_7-sec_a_ii_7_1_electronic_filing. That means that candidates and political organizations must get set up in Netfile to complete their financial reporting requirements https://www.netfile.com/corp/

Netfile is easy to use and has a helpful support team to answer many of your questions. Nevada County Elections will help you get set up to use Netfile. To get an account, please provide our staff with your Form 501 and a copy of your Form 410.