Board Objective

Maintain and continue to improve the cannabis permitting and enforcement program to promote permitted cannabis activities while implementing additional on-site supply chain license types and tools to mitigate impacts.

The Challenge

This relatively new industry creates a host of opportunities and challenges for Nevada County, including: 

  • Sustaining a viable industry and creating a legal pathway forward for the cannabis industry
  • Addressing the numerous illicit and unpermitted cultivation sites, which pose a risk to the public and the environment
  • Adapting to and evolving with the needs of the industry to keep the local cannabis businesses competitive in the statewide market

County Initiatives

  • Staff will research and present cannabis impact mitigation options to the Board of Supervisors
  • Staff will propose ordinance modifications relating to permitting and enforcement to the Board of Supervisors 
  • The County Treasurer/Tax Collector office will bring taxation model modification to the Board of Supervisors  
  • Staff will propose additional supply chain license types to the Board of Supervisors 
  • Staff will modify enforcement policy to proactively address illicit cultivation in high impact areas

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Progress Report

View our most recent quarterly report to see our progress on this Board objective.