Transit Services Bus Wash Improvement Project

bus wash renderingProjects Overview

The Transit Services Bush Wash project is to construction an automated bus wash for maintenance of the Nevada County Connects buses.  The wash is to be located at the Nevada County Operations Center (NCOC) at 12350 LaBarr Meadows Rd, in Grass Valley. 

While its main purpose is to keep the County’s transit bus fleet clean efficiently, this automated wash will be able to clean vehicles ranging in size from a small car, to a bus, to a Kenworth T800 truck.  The wash will serve the vehicle cleaning needs of the Transit, Fleet and Roads departments.  The wash will be programmed to provide a customized wash for each type of vehicle in the County fleet, with one of the main options being whether brush or touchless washing is used. The bus wash will recycle approximately 85% of the water used in washing vehicles.  Adjacent to the automated wash is a covered bay for de-mudding and interior cleaning. This bay features hot-water pressure washers for the cleaning of very dirty trucks, snow plowing equipment, and construction equipment. This bay also provides a covered area with water and power to allow efficient cleaning of bus interiors.


There is currently no schedule available. 

Current Status

The project is currently at 60% design completion as of May 2023


With an estimated cost at this stage of $2.2 million dollars for construction only. The design is funded by a California Department of Transportation, Division of Rail and Mass Transit grant. 

Environmental Review

While there was no formal environmental review required, the wash is environmentally friendly recycling approximately 85% of the water used in the washing of vehicles 

Contact Information

Nevada County Department of Public Works - Engineering Division 

(530) 265-1411