Network Provider Therapy

Medi-Cal beneficiaries (whom do not have MediCare) are eligible for receiving psychotherapy in a select network of private practice therapists.  Individuals that appear to have a mild to moderate impairment will be referred to the managed care plans who are responsible for linking Medi-Cal beneficiaries with a list of private practice therapists.  Therapy aims to reduce mental health symptoms, improve quality of life, and assist in coping with mental health impairments.


View the list of Network Providers (PDF) (Espanol).



The process for adults to access these services starts with contacting the "Access Worker" at the main line, 530-265-1437. The Access Worker verifies Medi-Cal status and sends the prospective client a list of therapists accepting new clients. Although the client can choose any therapist on the list, he or she cannot see two therapists at the same time.

Clients are encouraged to give therapy a chance by seeing the therapist up to three times to gauge if it is a beneficial relationship. Clients, however, at any time may request a new therapist by contacting the Access Worker and requesting another therapist list. The selected therapist will complete an intake assessment for any clients new to Behavioral Health and then seek authorization of services prior to beginning therapy. Because therapists in this network are required to have a contractual arrangement with the County, a client has to see a therapist that is part of this network.


The process for children to access these services is to call 530-470-2736 and ask to speak to an access therapist. The child and his / her caretaker will meet with an access therapist. The child will be evaluated and referred to an appropriate treatment provider.