Capital Facilities & Technology

A portion of the Mental Health Services Act funds have been specifically set aside for Capital Facilities (CF) and Technological Needs (TN) to promote the efficient implementation of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Additionally, beginning in Fiscal Year 2008/2009, counties may use a portion of the MHSA Community Services and Support funding for capital facilities and technological needs.


Each County's MHSA CF/TN component of the Three year Plan must support the goals of the MHSA and the provision of the MHSA services. The planned use of the CF/TN funds should produce long term impacts with lasting benefits that move the mental health system towards the goals of wellness, recovery, resiliency, cultural competency, prevention/early intervention and expansion of opportunities for accessible community-based services for clients and their families which promotes reduction in disparities to under-served groups.

Funds may also be used to support an increase in peer support and consumer-run facilities, development of community-based, less restrictive settings that will reduce the need for incarceration or institutionalization, and the development of a technological infrastructure for the mental health system to facilitate the highest quality, cost-effective services and supports for clients and their families.

Capital Facilities

A "Capital Facility" is a building which is used for delivery of MHSA services to individuals with mental illness and their families or for administrative offices. Capital Facility funds may be used by the County acquire, develop or renovate such buildings or to purchase land in anticipation of acquiring/constructing a building. Capital Facility expenditures must result in a capital asset which increases the Behavioral Health Department's infrastructure on a permanent basis and must result in an expansion of the capacity/access of existing services or the provision of new services.


The long-term goals of MHSA TN funds are to develop an Integration Information Systems Infrastructure (IISI) where all counties can securely access and exchange information. The foundation for the IISI is the Electronic Health Record system, which is a secure, real-time, point-of-care, client-centric, information resource for service providers. The two short term goals are:
  1. To increase client and family access to health information that is culturally and linguistically competent within a wide variety of public and private settings
  2. Modernize and transform clinical and administrative information systems to ensure quality of care, parity, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Anasazi Software Inc., an industry leader in providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare software solutions was chosen to be the supplier for Nevada County's Electronic Health Record system for the Behavioral Health Department. The software is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act certificated Electronic Health Record System. Anasazi Software was awarded the contract in 2010.