Workforce Education & Training

The Workforce Education and Training component of MHSA funds is targeted to address the shortage of qualified individuals who provide services in the County's Public Mental Health System. The education, training and workforce development programs and activities are to develop and maintain a culturally competent workforce, including individuals with client and family member experience that are capable of providing client and family-driven services that promote wellness, recovery and resiliency.

Program Areas

Plan was created as a result of a survey conducted in October 2008 which included the providers and community stakeholders. The plan was approved in June 2009. The five areas include:
  • Financial Incentive Programs
  • Mental Health Career Pathway Programs
  • Residency, Internship Programs
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Workforce Staffing Support

The Plan

Approved Workforce Education and Training Program and Expenditure Plan (PDF)

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

The approved plan has resulted in numerous training events in the community including Becoming Trauma-Informed, Military Culture 101, Working with Older Adults, Motivational Interviewing II, and Co-occurring Disorders. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator Training has resulted in 20 WRAP facilitators that are certified in training others in how to create their own personal WRAP plan. The WRAP facilitators are certified by The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. The five key recovery concepts of WRAP include:
  • Education
  • Hope
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Self Advocacy
  • Support


If you are interested in attending a WRAP training, facilitated by a certified trainer in WRAP email us.

Our Voices Matter

Our Voices Matter (OVM), a group created as a result from the WET plan, works with individuals in the community to be able to share their personal experiences with mental health challenges. Our Voices Matter is an anti-stigma campaign to end discrimination against people with mental health challenges. The organization enables consumers and families to learn how to share their stories effectively to battle the discrimination against people with mental health challenges. Individuals from this group are available to come speak at your organization. For more information or to request an OVM speaker, contact Scottie Hart at 530-272-5022.