Information Systems

What Does the Information Systems Department Do For You?

The Nevada County Information Systems Department designs, implements and maintains the information and communications systems for the government of Nevada County. Although often thought of as an "internal" department serving other County entities, the new focus on direct-to-the-public E-Government services has created a much closer relationship between our professional staff, our technologies and our citizens.

The Website you're viewing now is the most obvious link between our department and the public. You can look forward to an increasing level of services available to you right here, without having to drive to a County facility or even make a phone call. Our new website is structured to provide easy access to all county service and information.

Behind the web pages you see is a dedicated staff of managers, programmers and technicians creating the digital magic that brings these services to you.

Digital Winner

Nevada County has been in the top 5 of the National Digital Counties survey for the past 10 years.

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Our Vision

The Information Systems Department of the County of Nevada is taking a generational leap in applying resources to E-government. Working with some of the most respected names in the database and document-retrieval industries, we are planning and implementing this vision to create a regional government that is more efficient, friendlier, and easier for citizens to access than has ever been available anywhere.
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Internally, our vision is for a County government that allows employees to work together in ways not possible before-sharing ideas and information between departments, and even with other regional government agencies and area businesses, to create synergistic processes and solutions that will streamline the delivery of services to our citizens.

Our vision for E-government, and the necessary processes and resources, are codified in the Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan. The latest update to the Plan was approved by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors in 2017 and has the full support of the County administration.

Our Vision, as stated in the Strategic Plan, is reproduced:

To achieve a level of automation and technical ability that enables effective seamless governmental services (cohesive services delivered to the citizen regardless of the number of agencies involved or levels of bureaucracy required to fulfill the citizens service need), services that add value to the citizens of Nevada County, enhancing the quality of their lives while delivering the services in the most efficient, cost effective, and convenient manner possible.

  • Goal 1: Provide automation systems and services that will enable Nevada County to achieve its stated Strategic Goals as published by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Goal 2: Set forth E-government enterprise automation initiatives and objectives. Portals that will provide seamless governmental services at the counter, by fax, by phone, by email, and over the Internet.
  • Goal 3: Provide a trusted environment and forum in which all departments and agencies, through collaboration, can share ideas, resources, build partnerships, and re-engineer their mutual business workflows and customer service offerings with innovative automation solutions.
  • Goal 4: Form partnerships between County leaders and managers at all levels of the enterprise to keep them apprised of the capabilities and possibilities that automation can deliver for them in their efforts to improve their business and service delivery activities.
  • Goal 5: Reach beyond the County organizational boundaries and build partnerships with community stakeholders on technology issues and services.