Abusive Relationships

If You Think it Might Be Abuse...

You Are Not Alone

Many people are so ashamed of being abused that they will not tell even their closest friends. The abuser often isolates the victim or threatens them with harm if they do tell anyone.

It Is Not Your Fault

We've heard the phrase "You made me do it", or "You pushed my buttons." Usually the abuser blames the victim for the abuse, guilt tripping the victim. This is the number one cause for lower self-image in victims. Abuse is never the fault of the victim; people are always responsible for their own actions.

If It Feels Scary, It's Abuse

If you are treated in a way that feels scary or uncomfortable to you, then it's abuse. If your instincts tell you somethings wrong, there IS something wrong. Don't doubt yourself - trust your feelings, and get help.

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Crisis Line

Call DVSAC anytime on the 24-hour crisis line: 530-272-3467. You don't have to give your name.

They can give you information to help you decide what to do, or they can talk about things you can do to keep yourself safe.