Teen Body Image

It's Not Easy, But Know You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are!

Body image is influenced by how you feel about yourself and your sense of self-worth. It goes both ways: your self-esteem also is influenced by your body image. It's how you "see" your physical body and how you feel others see you. It has lots to do with "perception," meaning that there's no real truth, but only what you see as the truth. Which means you have some choice in the matter. You can decide to feel good about your body and how you are in the world, since so much of how you are seen has to do with how you put yourself out there.

Your body image changes all the time. In your teen years, your actual body can change quite a bit as well, so it adds to all those feelings, and makes how you feel about your body changeable even more! We get our body image from our childhood, our families, the media, our surroundings, our moods and emotions, our friends and all the other people around us. So it's influenced by so much on the outside, but what it really comes down to is how you see yourself on the inside.

Body image is more than what you see when you look in the mirror, but how you feel when you think of your body. When you feel confident and comfortable in our "skin" you will feel positively about yourself and others will see that coming through.


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