Wellness Groups for Teens

Girls Group

We will draw upon the Girls’ Circle format (One Circle Foundation website), a group for girls that supports strong self-esteem, encourages self-expression and the maintenance of authentic connection with peers and adult role models. Challenging life experiences are explored for growth into becoming stronger, more aware and confident young women. A structured educational support group designed to boost self-awareness and peer connections, and learn and practice decision-making and coping mechanisms to address high-risk situations. Teens will be guided in self-assessing risk behaviors, and will work on communication, assertiveness skills, boundary setting, conflict resolution and values identification. Creative expression, role plays, drama work, narrative work and art formats will be offered. This is an 6 to 8 week session.

The Chill Factor Stress Reduction Group

An educational / movement group supporting teens in viewing stress as a manageable part of life. Awareness of stress responses, relaxation techniques, yoga and thought interruption / replacement skills may be covered. Teens will self-assess stress levels and learning new coping mechanisms. This group of up to 12 students will meet weekly within the school setting. Students should be prepared on pre-planned weeks to bring a comfortable change of clothes (sweats, etc.). Facilitator is trained to offer classes that meet California Physical Exercise requirements.

Digitales Digital Storytelling

“Digitales” Digital Storytelling Project offers in class, group or one-on-one support to any Nevada County teen who wishes to share her or his story through video or photo voicing and to those teens who wish to create their own documentary piece. Youth are guided through a facilitated supportive storytelling structure allowing teens to craft thoughtful narratives about their experiences. After learning story elements, writing, editing and story boarding students will move into interviewing and film making skills. Support will be available from the workshop facilitator in between monthly meetings. Goals of the project include: Confidence building, literacy, editing, creative writing skills and collaboration skills, as well as culminating in youth produced advocacy tools to share with peers.