Death Certificate Fact Sheet

Certificate of Death Fact Sheet​

Death Certificates are received from the Funeral Homes within 8 to 10 days from the date of death and then registered through our Vital Records office. A Certified Copy of a death that occurred in the current year and one-year prior are available at the Vital Records office. Certificates older than 2 years are available at the Recorder's Office.


Informants must review the Certificate of Death with the Funeral Home for any reported errors.

Any error on the Death Certificate, particularly in the Name field, Spouse's Name, Social Security Number, and / or Date of Birth, could result in the delay of receiving any death benefits such as life insurance and Social Security benefits.

Affidavits to Amend a Record must be filed to correct any errors on Death Certificates. This process takes approximately six to ten months.

Pending Cause of Death

In the case of a pending cause of death, the original Certificate is held in the Vital Records office until the amendment is received from the Coroner, usually within 60 to 90 days. Certified copies are available once the amendment has been received and processed.