Breastfeeding Support

Nevada County WIC promotes breastfeeding as the normal way to feed infants up to age one year and beyond. WIC provides breastfeeding education and support in a variety of ways. 

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors are mothers who have experience breastfeeding their own babies, and have received training to share current breastfeeding information with you, and provide you with individualized support. 

Lactation Consultants are breastfeeding experts who provide one on one support and instruction for complex breastfeeding issues. 

Prenatal WIC Classes, such as Understanding Breastfeeding and Getting to Know Your New Baby: Sleep, Cues, & Comforts, provide detailed information and guidance for breastfeeding and understanding your baby's behavior. Prenatal WIC education is also available online through

Breast Pumps are available for mothers who are separated from their babies or choose to pump and feed separately. 

When Should I Call For Help With Breastfeeding?

Contact WIC at (530) 265-1454 if you:

  • Have breast or nipple pain, or your breasts are engorged
  • Are concerned about your milk supply 
  • Are using a nipple shield, or have flat or inverted nipples       
  • Need to take medications
  • Need to pump your breast milk

Or if your baby:

  • Is premature or "late preterm"
  • Is not feeding at least 8 times in 24 hours
  • Is not gaining enough weight, or has not returned to birth weight by day 10
  • Is having difficulty latching
  • Is jaundiced
  • Cries a lot or feeds "all of the time"