Airport Community Benefits

Public Safety

Fire & Emergency

Nevada County Airport is home to the USFS and CALFIRE Grass Valley Air Attack Base. This center of wild land fire-fighting from the air is the permanent location for two Grumman S-2 Air Tankers that drop fire retardant, and two air attack aircraft that coordinate the efforts of the tankers and other fire-fighting assets and personnel.

Aircraft from Nevada County Airport are on standby, ready to respond to fires throughout the foothills and mountains. When larger fires occur nearer to the airport, many other fire-fighting aircraft use the airport as a base for operations.

Search and Rescue and med-evac aircraft also use the airport year-round for public safety missions.

Law Enforcement

Aircraft used in law enforcement are a common sight at the Nevada County Airport. The California Highway Patrol, the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, and the FBI are a few of the agencies that use our airport facilities.

Business & Transportation


Airport businesses located on the property provide both jobs and tax revenue in the local community. Many Nevada County residents commute in their small aircraft for business meetings. Additionally, divisions of large corporations have located to this area and use the airport to provide shuttle service between Nevada County and larger metropolitan areas.


Tourism is also big business in Nevada County. Travelers in small aircraft from all over the U.S. have visited for business and recreation by flying into our community airport.


Business owners and local residents also use Nevada County Airport as a gateway to the national air transportation system. With one phone call to an aircraft charter business located at the airport, an individual can hire an aircraft to deliver them direct to larger airports that serve airline passengers, usually in less than an hour. From there, they might travel to anywhere in the world.


The number of aviation jobs in this country continues to increase every year. Not so long ago, anyone who became an airline captain or commercial pilot learned to fly in the military. Now, they learn to fly at airports like ours.


Through the Golden Empire Flying Association scholarship program and the Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles flights and scholarship program, hundreds of young people are introduced to the world of aviation each year.

Young Eagles Program


The Nevada County Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #1175 sponsors a youth program that provides free orientation flights. The schedule varies.

More Information

For more information call the Nevada County Airport manager at 530-470-2839.