Pre-Qualified Biological Consultants

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The Nevada County Planning Department maintains a Pre-Qualified Biological Consultants List. Individuals with the appropriate education and qualifications in biological inventories, habitat management plans and CEQA compliance for biological resources are placed on the pre-qualified list as being eligible to perform these tasks and other related tasks for both public and private development projects within Nevada County. As codified, Division 4.3 of the Nevada County Zoning Ordinance (and specifically Section L-II 4.3.3) establishes the process and standards for these Inventories and Management Plans.

Consulting firms are not placed on the list as a whole; rather individuals meeting the minimum criteria are placed on the list and they may represent a consulting firm. Any biological analysis, inventory and/or management plan received from the consulting firm must have been prepared or reviewed and approved by the pre-qualified individual.

Recreation Planning

Current List of Pre-Qualified Biological Consultants

As this list is updated frequently, check back for newly approved consultants for your next project. 

Permit Application Forms
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Request Pre-Qualification Status

Biological Consultants can initiate the Pre-Qualification process by submitting a request and the required documentation to the Planning Director. Once approved, Biological Consultants will be added to Nevada County's Pre-Qualified list.

Biological Report Guidelines

Biological reports must be prepared by a Pre-Qualified Biological Consultant and must follow a standard format.

Cannabis: Biological & Environmental Resources

Detailed information on Commercial Cannabis permitting can be found on the Cannabis Conversation webpage. The Biological Resource Assessment guidelines can assist applicants in navigating this aspect of the permitting process. 

For more information and to apply for Pre-Qualification, email the Planning Department.