Notice of Vote-By-Mail Processing

 August 20, 2021

 NOTICE IS GIVEN that the Registrar of Voters hereby notifies all interested organizations that the verifying of signatures on Vote-By-Mail ballots cast for the California Gubernatorial Recall Election will commence on August 16, 2021 or at any time thereafter in the Nevada County Elections Office. On August 16, 2021 or at any time thereafter, the opening and processing of Vote-By-Mail ballots will commence. This process will continue until all election results are tabulated and the election is certified. Any member of the County Grand Jury, and any other interested organization, shall be permitted to observe and challenge the way the Vote-By-Mail ballots are handled, from the processing of ballot return envelopes through the opening, counting and disposition of the ballots. 

 NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that for directions or information regarding the manual tally, interested persons may call the Nevada County Elections Office at 530-265-1298 or 1-888-395-1298. The Elections website can be found at


Gregory J. Diaz


Nevada County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters