Responsible Hirschdale Recreation Access

Truckee River Running Through Hirschdale

During the COVID-19 pandemic, recreation impacts along the Truckee River in Hirschdale reached all-time highs, including litter, camping, human waste, and trespassing on private property. At least one private property owner has decided enough is enough and has installed gates limiting access to the river via his land. Supervisor Bullock and County staff have gathered feedback from interested parties and formed a working group to find resolution.

Download the agenda packet that was distributed at the September 23, 2021 "Hirschdale Listening Session" held at the Tahoe Forest Church.

View a recording of the September 23rd "Hirschdale Listening Session."

  • Multiple community meetings.
  • Stakeholder Town Hall meetings.
  • Convened the solutions assessment working group.
  • Published the Hirschdale Solutions Assessment paper.
  • USFS partnership on survey and boundaries delineation.
  • Nevada County survey.
  • Partner sign and wayfinding plans.
  • Bridge construction easement and public access infrastructure. On Wednesday, June 22, 2023, stakeholders met to describe the final survey findings, protect public access, and make arrangements to protect private property owners thru joint signs, markings, partnership surveillance, and enforcement.

I’m very proud of the work we have all done to retain appropriate public access to our open space, river, and surrounding lands. 

A Record of Survey map for the U.S. Forest Service delineating and showing monuments at the eastern end of Hirschdale Road and between lands of the Tahoe National Forest, Nevada County, and private property has been recorded. See a PDF of the map

To determine the exact position of property boundaries of the closed Nevada County landfill off Hirschdale Road and the existing roadway (or a portion thereof), Nevada County will identify the boundaries at the physical site and prepare and record a map within the next month or so. An update will be posted on this webpage once the map is recorded.  As property descriptions are based on Public Land Survey System Sections, the ownership of the portion of the previously abandoned Hirschdale Road north of the section line fronting Nevada County’s closed landfill property and north of the private property reverted to Nevada County.  Once this is clearly identified at the site, the area in which public access to the adjacent lands of the Tahoe National Forest can be clearly delineated.    

September 2022 Update

Hirschdale Road presentation from the Community Development Agency

April 2022 Update

Help ensure access to the Hirschdale area by using designated parking and access points to the Tahoe Pyramid Trail and Truckee River (effective 4/8/2022). 

When visiting the Hirschdale area, please remember to respect homeowners, private property, and leave no trace to protect this important community resource.

Review the below map for public parking and access points effective 4/8/2022.

Hirschdale April  2022

March 2022 Update

The Hirschdale Recreational Planning Stakeholder Group Final Report has been issued along with anticipated timeframes for recommendations from the report.

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