Clerk of the Board


The Clerk of the Board is the official keeper of documents, agendas, minutes and administrative contracts for the Board of Supervisors, the Nevada County Housing Authority, the Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1, and the Assessment Appeals Board.

The Clerk of the Board's office is open to the public for appointments and walk-ins.

Meeting Agendas

Information on how to participate in Board of Supervisors meetings can be found on each meeting's agenda. Direction on how to attend, watch or listen to a meeting as well as details on how to submit a public comment are included.

Board of Supervisors meeting agendas can be found here.

About the Clerk Of The Board

About Clerk of the Board​

Learn more about the Clerk of the Board and what we do.
Assessment Appeals Board

Assessment Appeals Board

File an appeal regarding the assessed value of your property.
Bos Meeting Information and Streaming Video

Board of Supervisors Meeting Information & Streaming Video

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Committees and Commissions

Committees & Commissions

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File a Claim Against the County

Filing Claims Against the County

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Land Use Appeals

Land Use Appeals

Any applicant or interested party may file an appeal with the Board of Supervisors requesting review of any final action taken by Various County Agencies.
County Organization

Organizational Charts

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Public Hearings

Public Hearings

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Public Records Request

Public Records Request

The public's right to access public records created and maintained by the County is understood and embraced in Nevada County.
Search Official Documents

Search Official Documents

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Special Districts

Special Districts

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