Common Violations & Handouts

Animal Keeping & Raising

Standards for the keeping and raising of animals

As-Built Permits

For work done that requires a permit, please refer to the below link for information on the As-Built Permit Process which includes a handout on helpful tools to assist in establishing a date of construction for work done. 

Fences & Hedges

The purpose of these regulations is to protect the visual quality and to minimize sight distance impairment on roadways by establishing height limits for fencing and hedges located within yard setbacks.

Home Businesses

The home business section provides for limited commercial activity in the residential and rural districts on properties developed with a residence as the primary use, provided that the home business activity does not impact surrounding residential properties.

Inoperable Motor Vehicles & Removal

This chapter is enacted under the authority of Section 22660 of the Vehicle Code to establish procedures for the abatement and removal, as public nuisances, of abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or inoperative motor vehicles.

Recreational Vehicle Use & Temporary Occupancies

The purpose of this statute is to provide for the temporary occupancy of recreational vehicles on property not located within a mobile home park or a campground.

Sewage Disposal

Find the code about sewage disposal in Nevada County.

Solid Waste Regulations

Find information about the solid waste regulations that are enacted in Nevada County.