Road Maintenance Program Options and Maintained Mileage

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Unincorporated Nevada County includes approximately 2,800 miles of both public and private roads. The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 562 miles of public roads and an additional 50 miles established under various road maintenance districts including Permanent Road Divisions and County Service Areas. There are a number of programs administered by Public Works for maintaining roads as well as programs on how a private road can be developed into a publicly maintained road.

County Maintained Mileage Road List

Formation of Special Districts

First, you should begin by reading below for options in Nevada County, which pertain to the creation of Private Road Divisions and County Service Areas. If you have further questions regarding their formation process, contact the Department of Public Works.

  1. County Service Area (CSA)
  2. Permanent Road Division (PRD)
  3. Permanent Road Division FAQ's
  4. Private Road Maintenance
  5. Community Services District

The County may also maintain roads that are within a "County Service Area" ["CSA"; see Government Code sections 25210.1-25210.90]. Formation must go through the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo). A CSA is a special district of the state, but it is a "county dependent special district" because it is governed by the County Board of Supervisors. The formation can occur only in conjunction with the approval of a special tax or parcel charge. 

The CSA is appropriate for larger geographic areas than would be covered under a PRD. The road must also be brought up to current road standards.