The Engineering Division provides a variety of technical services, support, and planning, which includes: Project Design, Inspection, Contract Preparation, Traffic Analysis, Special Districts, Encroachment Permits, and Reviews/Inspections. The Engineering Division of the Department provides management to the formation of Special Districts and develops information about the County road system (traffic volumes, pavement condition, and accident rates) to support the prioritization of transportation resources by the Department of Public Works, Board of Supervisors, and NCTC.

Nevada County Road Standards

To assist in the construction of roads, driveways, etc. download our Nevada County Standards and Drawings.  

Links to County Government Code for standards.

Traffic Studies

These guidelines are intended to ensure consistency of analyses and adequacy of information to aid County staff and decision-makers in the consideration of project approval with regard to impacts on the County’s transportation system and in the assessment of associated fees.

Nevada County Traffic Impact Study Guidelines

Local Road Safety Plan

Nevada County has the 3rd lowest fatality rate of all counties in California. However, in the past 3 years, 1% of collisions on Nevada County roads have resulted in fatalities.  The County is targeting zero fatalities over the next 3 years.  

In 2019, to reach this goal, Public Works worked with community members, County departments, and local agencies and commissions to create the 2019 Nevada County Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). The LRSP identifies priority areas for road improvements including strategies to address improper turning and broadside collisions; unsafe speeds, object impact and rear-end collisions; and driving under the influence. To address these safety concerns, Public Works has the intersection and signage improvements, additional traffic signals, and radar trailers planned and partners with California Highway Patrol on public education and increased enforcement where identified.

Nevada County Active Transportation Plan

As part of the regional transportation planning process, the Nevada County Transportation Commission (NCTC), in coordination with the County of Nevada, City of Grass Valley, City of Nevada City, and Town of Truckee, contracted with the consulting firm Fehr & Peers to prepare an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) covering Nevada County.  The Plan combines previous bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts, evaluates needs, identifies projects, and recommends prioritization.  Completion of the study will provide all necessary information and analysis required by the California Transportation Commission's state funding guidelines and assist local agency efforts to secure funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects. 

Status: Fehr & Peers has prepared the Draft Nevada County Active Transportation Plan, which incorporates previous bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts and the input received through the public participation process. The Draft Nevada County ATP is available for review on the NCTC website at Previous public participation efforts included outreach at local farmers' markets and street fairs, online crowdsource interactive mapping and comment tool, and public workshops held at the Grass Valley City Hall and Truckee Hall.