Red Flag Warnings


What is a Red Flag Warning? 

A Red Flag Warning is issued by the National Weather Service when conditions combine to produce the possibility of  extreme fire behavior. 

Any combination of these conditions:
Strong Winds (25+), High Temperatures Low Humidity Levels (20% and below), Dry Fuels, Possibility of Dry Lightning Strikes

Always take the following precautions on a Red Flag Warning day:

  • Be prepared for the possibility of a public utility power shut off. Have food, lighting, water, and charged batteries that will last for several days.
  • Prepare for quick evacuation.
  • Park your vehicle towards the roadway and load your Go Bag.
  • Know how to open your garage if power is unavailable.
  • Be sure you have a full tank of gas.
  • Keep pets nearby.
  • Have a plan to transport large animals and livestock.
  • Always check towing equipment and eliminate dragging hazards.
  • Do not mow or trim dry grass.
  • Do not use equipment outdoors that may create a spark.
  • Never park on dry grass.
  • Never burn on a Red Flag Warning day.