HOME Team (Homeless Outreach and Medical Engagement)

 HOME Team

Call: (530) 470-2686                                          Email: home@nevadacountyca.gov

What is the HOME Team? 

The HOME team identifies, engages, and provides case management and housing support to highly vulnerable homeless individuals, while meeting people where they are at in the community. The HOME Team consists of eight team members: four outreach workers, two housing navigators, one peer supporter, and one registered nurse. Team members provide linkages to services such as medical care, behavioral health or substance use disorder services, and housing navigation.   

When Do I call the HOME Team?

Call the HOME Team if you see or know someone that is experiencing homelessness. The HOME Team helps connect homeless individuals to services, including mental health services, medical care, public assistance services, and housing assistance services.

Who does Nevada County partner with to provide HOME Team services?

Nevada County partners with Hospitality House, Advocates for Mentally Ill (AMI) Housing, and Turning Point to provide outreach and housing navigation services to homeless individuals with mental health needs. The registered nurse brings an innovative element to the team; prioritizing health care provides immediate care, builds trust, and allows case managers to better assist individuals with accessing other services. The team communicates and coordinates regularly with other local governments, law enforcement, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, substance use treatment providers, the Crisis Stabilization Unit, and non-profit organizations like FREED and Communities Beyond Violence for a collaborative approach.