Candidate Handbook

Every election, our office publishes a Candidate Handbook with basic information about becoming a candidate, required filings, contests up for election, filing fees, and other helpful information. When feasible, the Candidate Handbook is available approximately 3-4 months ahead of any upcoming election where candidates may file for office. 

We encourage all prospective and current candidates to get familiar with the Candidate Handbook and to ask questions early. We're also glad to offer past Candidate Handbooks as a reference, so that candidates can get an idea of what to expect. Please note that filing fees and fees for the Candidate's Statement of Qualifications may change over time

If you are looking for a particular contest and the current handbook is not published, then you may want to take a look at a handbook from 4 years prior, as that contest may appear in a past publication.

Current Candidate Handbook

March 5, 2024 Candidate Handbook:

Past Candidate Handbooks

November 8, 2022 Candidate Handbook:

June 7, 2022 Candidate Handbook:

November 3, 2020 Candidate Handbook:

March 3, 2020 Candidate Handbook:

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