Returning to Work "Returnship"

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We're bringing back the brightest talent ready to re-enter the workforce after 18 months or more with a 16-week, paid "returnship."

At Nevada County, we understand that taking a career break is sometimes necessary. The Nevada County Return to Work Program is designed to support people just like you with their professional goals.

Are you seeking re-entry support and training as you return to work? Do you want the opportunity to unleash your skills and make a contribution as a public service professional?

If so, the Nevada County Return to Work Program offers you an exciting work experience opportunity consisting of a 16-week returnship program for experienced professionals and for those who would like to begin their journey in a public service career. Internships are either unpaid, compensated with an hourly wage, or $599 annual stipend if enrolled in school.

 You're Not Alone

According to research by ManpowerGroup, 57% of male and 74% of female Millennials anticipate taking a career break for childcare, eldercare, or to support a partner in a job—a much higher rate than was true for prior generations.

Nevada County recognizes your talent and offers paid internship opportunities to encourage and support your reemergence into the workforce

If you would like to intern with Nevada County you can start here:

Returnship Inquiry Application

To learn about current returnship opportunities, visit our Job Postings page and type "intern" in the search bar, then select any internship opportunity you are interested in.

What Returnship Participants are Saying

Sarah Headshot_Nov2021

The County of Nevada has been a fantastic new chapter in my career. After taking three years off from the workforce to grow my family, I took a careful look at the employment opportunities in the Grass Valley / Nevada City area. With a background in public policy, the County was an obvious contender. After doing some research and meeting with several County leaders, I landed an internship in the Board of Supervisors’ office. The work was exciting and the team and I were a good match. Several months later, I secured a full-time role in the same department and am now thriving professionally. The benefits to working for the County are extensive – from the top-down encouragement to pursue continued learning to the many excellent colleagues you can look to for inspiration and collaboration. I am valued here and know that I am making real contributions toward my community’s well-being.


Apply today and start your journey towards the next chapter of your career. We value our Returnship participants and would love for you to join our community!