Climate Resilience

Board Objective

Safeguard Nevada County’s economic durability, environmental integrity, and public health and safety by preparing for, adapting to, and mitigating changing climate conditions in a way that reflects our rural quality of life.

The Challenge

Nevada County faces immediate and long-term health and safety and economic impacts resulting from a changing climate, such as wildfires, snowstorms, and other extreme weather events. We recognize the opportunity to address climate resilience as a priority objective to mitigate risk to our community and work strategically to access currently available State and Federal resources for climate adaptation.

County Initiatives

We have identified five initiatives to position the county for important resources and funding while accomplishing meaningful progress.  

  • Protect and harden critical infrastructure.
  • Enhance carbon storage and sequestration on natural and working lands.
  • Enhance collaboration to increase community capacity and achieve climate goals.
  • Pursue funding and advocacy opportunities.
  • Align strategies in a coordinated strategic plan.

Learn More & Get Involved

If you are interested in learning more about Nevada County's Climate Resilience objective, please email Ariel Lovett. If you are interested in participating in the Energy Action Plan community workgroup, please email Jeffrey Thorsby.

Progress Report

View our most recent quarterly report to see our progress on this Board objective.