Board of Supervisors' Objectives

2023 Board Objectives

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted their 2023 Objectives at the February 7, 2023 board meeting. The Board's objectives for 2023, listed below, include fiscal stability and core services, emergency preparedness, economic development, broadband, climate resilience, housing, homelessness, and recreation. 

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Fiscal Stability and Core Services

Maintain the County’s financial stability and core services. Learn more.

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Emergency Preparedness

Lead the community in all hazards planning, preparedness, response, and recovery with a focus on wildfire. Do this by focusing on improving countywide evacuation routes and safety, continuing to strengthen early alert and critical communication systems, partnering closely with residents and community partners in emergency preparedness, defensible space, home hardening, green waste disposal, and fire-safe land stewardship. Learn more.
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Economic Development

Promote economic development by emphasizing resiliency and entrepreneurship; retaining and attracting high quality jobs; investing in major infrastructure projects; and working with local, state and federal partners to support our small business, nonprofit, and tourism sectors. Learn more.
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Equitably expand broadband to support economic development, distance-learning, telework, telemedicine, and general quality of life for all residents by championing the implementation of Nevada County Broadband Strategy Plan policies and last-mile infrastructure projects. Learn more.

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Climate Resilience

Safeguard Nevada County’s economic durability, environmental integrity, and public health and safety by preparing for, adapting to, and mitigating changing climate conditions in a way that reflects our rural quality of life. Learn more.

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Coordinate with local jurisdictions, developers, and other partners to facilitate development of, and access, to affordable and workforce housing. Learn more.
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In partnership with the Continuum of Care, prevent homelessness, address the needs of people experiencing homelessness, and move towards sustainable, ongoing programs. Learn more.

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Promote sustainable recreation in partnership with community providers and other jurisdictions to enhance recreational access, support public health and safety, realize economic opportunities and preserve natural resource assets. Learn more.

Quarterly Reports on Board Objectives

View the interactive scorecard below to track progress on Board objectives or download the full report.