Meet the District Attorney


Cliff grew up in Yuba City / Sutter area, the son of a three generation farming family. After traveling extensively throughout the world Cliff settled in Chico where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. While working full time and raising a family, Cliff attended the Cal Northern School of Law achieving the degree of Juris Doctorate.

Work Experience

Upon receiving his law degree, Cliff moved to Nevada County. He became a Probation Officer with Nevada County’s Probation Department. After several years as a probation officer, Cliff’s love for criminal justice system lead him to become a prosecuting attorney. In 2006, after a short but successful career as a trial attorney, Cliff threw his hat in the ring and ran for the elected position of Nevada County’s District Attorney. Cliff was reelected in 2010, again in 2014 and intends to remain in office for at least another term.

Vision for Nevada County

Cliff maintains his passion for the law and justice and takes pride in serving the citizens of Nevada County. His focus is on keeping our community a safe and wholesome place that we all love. Cliff feels that it is important for the modern prosecutor to be more than just a name on a door, the District Attorney needs to be a participating and proactive member of the community accessible to all. It is also important to remember that the job is not just applying the law but, more importantly, seeing that justice is done in every case.


When not tending to the duties as District Attorney, Cliff is an avid water skier, snow skier and bike enthusiast and takes every opportunity to enjoy the surrounding lakes and mountains.


He may be contacted by email.