About Probation

Mission Statement

Nevada County Probation protects the community by supporting the courts and fostering positive change in the individuals we serve.

Description of Services

The Probation Department is responsible for the administration of the adult and juvenile divisions for intake and supervision services, alternative custody programs and Pretrial services. Additionally the Probation Department supervises all offenders on various specialty court caseloads, such as Drug Courts, Mental Health courts, and DUI Courts.

Mandated Tasks

The Probation Department is charged with performing mandated tasks, such as:

  • Advocacy for the rights and financial claims of crime victims and witnesses
  • The disposition of all law enforcement referrals for juvenile offenders
  • Providing all investigative and report services to the courts
  • The safe and lawful detention of minors placed into custody by the courts and law enforcement agencies
  • Supervision of offenders placed on probation and released into the community


There are a myriad of services that are required to be performed by the Probation Department under the mandates of the Penal Code, Welfare and Institutions Code and Health and Safety Code. Additional performance mandates are found in the Federal Title IV-E regulations as well as State of California Division 31 Welfare Regulations. Additional requirements for services, supervision duties, registration and notification are being added by Propositions passed by the voters and Federal and State Court decisions on a regular basis.

Program Operations

Additionally the Probation Department supports the local courts in the operation of specific programs. The Probation Department discharges these tasks through a variety of programs including the operation of court services unit, field supervision unit, community service programs, electronic monitoring programs, and victim support and advocacy.

Additional Information

For more information about California Probation visit the Chief Probation Officers of California website.