Food Programs

Food Facilities

Learn more about brick-and-mortar restaurant food facilities, including plan checks, applications, and how to pay for your annual Certificate of Operation. Learn more about Food Facilities.

Platform Kitchen Operations (PKOs)

Learn more about Platform Kitchen Operation or PKO. The PKO is a delivery or to-go food service. The PKO operates out of a permitted Commissary Kitchen in Nevada County and would not have any dine-in or seating capability for customers/patrons. Learn more about Platform Kitchen Operations.

Temporary Food Facilities (TFFs)

TFFs are an approved food facility that operates at a fixed location for the duration of a community event or as part of the event. Learn more about how to apply for a TFF and what you will need to do so. Learn more about Temporary Food Facilties. 

Mobile Food Facilities

MFFs include food trucks and food carts. Learn more about the application process and how to obtain a permit. Learn more about Mobile Food Facilities.

Cottage Food 

Learn more about what products you can sell from your private home and how to apply for a Cottage Food Operation. Learn more. 

Agricultural Related Food Activities

Learn more about agricultural-related food activities using this quick guidance document: Learn more about agricultural-related food activities.


Find out about permitting requirements and food safety standards for caterers and catering operations, including restaurants that also cater. Learn more about caterers.

Community Events

Find out how you can host a Community Event or Farmers' Market. Learn more about community events.

Food Safety

Learn more about regulations and information about the safety of food, including information regarding safe food handling, Food Manager Classes, California Food Handler programs, and more... Learn more about food safety. 

B&B / Ag Homestay

Information regarding Bed and Breakfast's as well as Agricultural Homestays. Learn more about B&B / Ag Homestay.

Organic Recycling Guide

Helpful information on organic recycling including composting and edible food recovery. Learn more about Organic Recycling. 

Did you Know?

Helpful tips and information regarding food programs and facilities in Nevada County. Learn more tips and tricks about food programs.