Platform Kitchen Operations

What is Platform Kitchen Operations (PKO)? Industrial kitchen with steal appliances in an island and utensils hanging over the island.

A Platform Kitchen Operation or PKO is a delivery or to-go food service. The PKO operates out of a permitted Commissary Kitchen in Nevada County and would not have any dine-in or seating capability for customers/patrons. The operation would strictly be delivery or to-go. The food entrepreneur would have a delivery and/or take-out service where orders are completed online or by phone by the patrons/customers, which will allow the PKO to set specific days and times which orders can be placed.

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Many of our existing permitted food entrepreneurs that currently operate via a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) or as a Caterer are struggling to find a way to stay in the Retail Food Industry. And many new entrepreneurs are also struggling to find a way to enter the Retail Food Industry. There are also operators of Brick and Mortar facilities that have suffered significant losses due to COVID-19, PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-Offs), and financial impacts that have led to the unfortunate closure of their food facilities. All of these types of owners/operators can benefit from a Platform Kitchen type of operation.

Fees for Platform Kitchen Operation

Permit to Operate a “PKO Food Facility-0-Seats”.$327.56