CalWORKS Child Care

What is CalWORKs Childcare?

The CalWORKs Childcare Program helps eligible families pay for monthly childcare as they move through their Welfare-to-Work activities towards employment and self-sufficiency.

You can choose the type of childcare that you think is best for your children. There are many options which include: a relative, friend, family childcare provider, some recreational programs, and licensed childcare centers.

The Childcare Program is available to children through age 11. Children aged 11 and older, there must be an exceptional need, severe disability, or under court supervision.

Your Welfare-to-Work social worker will send a referral to Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS) after they meet with you and determine your eligibility to the program.

Child Care


There must be a childcare need. These needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently receive CalWORKs Cash Aid
  • Current employment
  • Accepting employment
  • Participating in an approved WTW activity
  • Participating in CalLearn
  • Participating in a CPS/CWS required activity.


Immediate and continuous childcare is intended to ensure that access to stable childcare is never a barrier to fully engaging in the CalWORKs program. Immediate and continuous childcare is good for children, maximizes parental choice, promotes childcare continuity, and provides stability to vulnerable families starting on the path to economic mobility.  (ACL 19-99, October 2019)


Please complete the CCP7 form and submit it so that your Welfare-to-Work social worker can determine eligibility.


Stage 1. This stage is managed by the California Department of Social Services to provide childcare assistance for up to 12 months. You may be eligible for Stage 1 if you are receiving CalWORKs cash aid and requesting childcare. We will send a referral to SNCS after eligibility is determined. You will continue to receive CalWORKs childcare for 12 months, until you are transitioned to Stage 2, or become ineligible for Stage 1.

Stage 2. This stage is managed by the California Department of Education to provide childcare assistance for up to 24 months after your CalWORKs cash aid is discontinued.

Stage 3. This stage is also managed by the California Department of Education. You may be eligible for Stage 3 if you receive a CalWORKs diversion payment, are a former CalWORKs participant who is working, but left cash aid; and have exhausted your 24 months eligibility for Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 childcare.



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