CalWORKS 2.0

CalWORKs 2.0 combines new evidence and our past experience to deliver services more effectively to families whose lives are negatively affected by living in poverty. CalWORKs 2.0 is a goal-oriented, individualized case management approach focused on family strengths and needs.

Families that come to the Welfare-to-Work program may experience crisis situations and barriers such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues. CalWORKs 2.0 recognizes that these issues must first be addressed. 

Nevada County’s Welfare-to-Work program use the CalWORKs 2.0 approach with a focus on helping families set and achieve realistic goals that are meaningful to them and build confidence, motivation, and the ability to develop essential skills. We collaborate with community partners such as Community Beyond Violence, Granite Wellness, AMIH, and Connecting Point to create a multi-disciplinary team to assist families develop an action plan to support them in their journey to well-being and financial self-sufficiency.

For more information on the CalWORKs approach, visit the CalWORKs 2.0 website.

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