How to Complete the MAR/VER

As a Welfare-to-Work participant, you are eligible to supportive services such as mileage reimbursement and child care. To receive these services, you need to provide information about your Welfare-to-Work activity attendance on your Monthly Activity Report (MAR) by the 10th of each month. You can verify your activity with receipts, pay stubs, time cards, or the signature of your activity supervisor.

The Vehicle Expense Report (VER) is the form to request reimbursement for your mileage. You can get mileage reimbursement for activities such as driving to/from work or to/from daycare. You should submit this form with your MAR by the 10th of every month.

We will mail these forms to you each month, but you can complete the form online if you’ve lost the form or didn't receive it.

Get Help With MAR and VER Reports

Use the links below to get more information on how to complete your MAR and VER reports. If you still need help, contact your employment case worker or call 530-265-1760.

How To Complete your Monthly Activity Report (MAR)

How To Complete your Vehicle Expense Report (VER)

Time Conversion Chart - English

Time Conversion Chart - Spanish