Alcohol Use

Selling, Serving, or Consuming Alcohol 

An event in which alcohol is being provided/consumed/sold requires permission from the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control. The County (property owner) will send you an application and attach an approval page. The application must then be submitted to the Grass Valley Police Department for their signature. After signature of GVPD, the application must be submitted to the ABC office location. For additional ABC information, visit Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control page.

  • Nevada County will require liquor liability insurance 

Providers / Holders

If a caterer/company provides alcohol, the company/person selling the alcohol must have liquor liability insurance (as stated in the contract), and the endorsement page which names the event holder and the county as additional insured. The event holder does not need to have the liquor liability on their insurance. The event holder is responsible for obtaining the insurance endorsement, alcohol rider, and copy of the license from the company/person and providing a copy to the County.

American Legion Process

One option is to contact the American Legion to provide a no host bar. The American Legion will set up the portable bar, provide bartenders, sell alcoholic beverages, and the proceeds will benefit the American Legion directly. If this option is utilized, the ABC license and alcohol insurance liability is covered by the American Legion. The American Legion office phone number is 530-575-7002.

Bar Rentals

The American Legion will rent the bar furniture piece if the bar service is not requested. Contact the American Legion office for details 530-575-7002.