Features & Walk-Throughs

Walk-Through & Inspections

When all documents and payments are complete and received by the County, a walk-through will be scheduled for the day before the event. Building keys and an emergency phone number will be provided at this time as well as instructions for cleaning the building following the event. 

The County of Nevada and its officers and agents shall have the right to inspect the premises covered by the agreement at any and all times as it may see fit.


Renter is required to set up and take down tables, equipment and chairs and to do other preparations desired for its scheduled event. Tables, chairs and other items are stored in the building. Please do not remove furnishings from other rooms without the expressed permission of the County staff. All furnishing must be returned to their assigned location following the event.

The American Legion will rent the bar furniture piece if the bar service is not requested. Contact the American Legion office for details at 530-575-7002.


Smoking is not allowed inside the building. Smoking outside the building is restricted by California law to a minimum of 25 feet from any door or window.

Heating & Air

Instructions for thermostats are provided during the walk-through instruction time.


Drilling holes, the use of nails, staples or duct tape is not allowed. Painters tape may be used. Any damage to the existing surfaces will be charged to the renter. Wires for hanging items are installed on the walls separating the bleachers and auditorium floor.


Children are involved with many events that take place at the Veterans Building. If the event includes children, please provide adult supervision at all times and at no time are children to be left unattended in any of the rooms.


Renter agrees to return said premises to County in the same condition as it was rented. Renter shall remove renter-owned property and materials and clean the premises (including the emptying of trash and garbage containers) at the end of the rental period. A cleaning deposit will assure that said cleaning has been satisfactorily completed and damage to the premises has not been incurred.. Any damage will be assessed and costs to replace or repair will be withheld from the deposit or charged to the renter.