Rental Rates Grass Valley Veterans Memorial Building

Rental Details

  • Please see below for rental rates. We do not offer special rates for non-profit groups.
  • Requested rental time must include setup and teardown times. (Your rental fee will reflect the time you walk into the building to set up to the time you exit the building following cleaning)
  • There is additional hourly rate(s) charged for use of  scissor lift.
  • Booking requests may consist of one or more of the rooms. One deposit for the room with the highest deposit amount is required when more than one room is rented.
  • Due to lack of sound proofing between floors, the Auditorium cannot be rented for sports if there is a meeting scheduled in the Dining Hall.
  • Frequent Rental Rate is for the auditorium only. The County goal is to maximize use of the facility and provide for frequent renters such as recreational leagues. The rental rate is $25 per hour for groups that meet the following requirements:
    • Use of the space by three consecutive hours per week for six or more weeks.
    • The facility is available for this rate on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
    • Reservations will not be accepted for events occurring on Friday or Saturday after 12 noon more than 30 days prior to the event.
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Auditorium (Capacity 996) - if there is a meeting in the Dining Hall, the Auditorium cannot be rented for sports
Monday - ThursdayFriday-Sunday
Half Day Rate - Under 4 Hours$275$375
Half Day Rate - under 4 Hours over 300 people$375$415
Full Day Rate - 4 Hours Plus$450$750
Full Day Rate - 4 Hours Plus over 300 people$495$825
Security / Cleaning Deposit - Refundable under 100 persons$150$150
Security / Cleaning Deposit - Refundable over 100 persons$250$250
Facilities Use Fee - all weddings, birthdays, Quinceañera, dances, fundraisers, concert, plays$500$500
Tables and Chairs - 330 Padded Folding Chairs,  23 - 3 feet by 6 feet Rectangle Tables, and 40 -5 foot round tablesN/AN/A
Remembrance Room - Located behind Auditorium stage (Capacity 75)Monday - ThursdayFriday -  Sunday
Half Day Rate - Under 4 Hours$60$85
Full Day Rate - 4 Hours Plus$110$135
Security / Cleaning Deposit - Refundable$250$250
Table and Chairs - 5 of 5 Foot Round Tables, 14 Conference Room Chairs, 37 Folding ChairsN/AN/A
Dining Hall - Fixed tables - Capacity of 165 - seats 140-150 at tables

Monday - ThursdayFriday - Sunday
Half Day Rate - Under 4 Hours$75$95
Full Day Rate - 4 Plus Hours$100$125
Security / Cleaning Deposit - Refundable$150$150
Fixed Tables - 75 Padded Folding Chairs, 82 Folding ChairsN/AN/A
Commercial Kitchen  (if renting Auditorium and kitchen you must rent Dining Hall as pass through)Daily Rate
Commercial Kitchen - Located Downstairs 
Security / Cleaning Deposit of Kitchen - Refundable$200