Plan Review

Now that you have submitted a complete set of construction plans they are routed to and reviewed by one or more of the following CDA Department: Building, Planning, Environmental Health, Code Compliance, Cannabis, and/or Public Works. Here in the Building Department, your plans will be reviewed based on the 2019 Edition of the California Code of Regulations Title 24

Digital Resubmittals

The digital permit application process has many benefits and can also pose some challenges. As the applicant, you are responsible for submitting responses to comments from all CDA departments in an orderly and timely manner. Here are resources and tips for how you meeting these responsibilities and create a smooth and successful application process.

Tracking the status of your online application.

You will be notified when all department reviews have been completed and when the permit is ready to issue. Otherwise, you will not receive automatic notifications during the application process.

The Checking the Status of Your Permit Application handout provides complete instructions on checking to see which departments have completed their reviews and how to retrieving corrections and comments. 

Responding to Comments

The ultimate goal of the plan review process is to approve a complete set of construction documents. During the process, you are responsible for compiling complete well organized digital plan submittals for review. You are also responsible for providing a written response to each comment indicating how and where the comment was addressed in the plans. 

Each submittal should include the most recent version of all documents whether they have been updated or not. This ensures that an orderly plan review process can unfold. 

Digital submittals should adhere to the following file naming conventions and include the following documents. We understand the challenges this poses if you are inexperienced with managing digital files.  Take the time to review the tools below and ask for help from your design professional, draftsperson, or contractor if you need additional help.

In this example, you would have already completed the initial submittal. 

Plan Submittal  1.pdf Support Documents Submittal 1
24" by 36" Plan Sheets (Or 11" by 17" if applicable)Truss Calculations
Engineering Calculation

Plan Submittal 2.pdfSupport Documents Submittal 2.pdf
24" by 36" Plan Sheets (Or 11" by 17" if applicable)
All plan sheets including sheets that did not require updates
All support documents include documents that were not updated
Plan Transmittal Summary: Include a brief description of which files have been updated
Response to corrections
Truss Calculations
Engineering Calculations

Tool for organizing PDF files

There are software programs and online tools that you can use to combine and organize your digital submittals. 

Adobe Acrobat DC - The professional version of Adobe Acrobat is the most effective tool for organizing digital files. 

CombinePDF - This is a free online utility that can be used to combine PDF files. 

Locked Files

Occasionally a PDF file you receive from a design professional or truss company will be digitally signed and locked, making is un-editable. Request a copy of the file that is digitally stamped but not locked. This will allow you to include the file in the combined document and for our office to stamp the file during the approval process. 

Updates to Plans During the Construction Process.

Once a permit has been issued small changes which affect a limited number of plans sheets do not need to include all the plan sheets or support documents, only those that have been updated.