Housing and Homelessness

Housing Assistance and Homelessness Services

The Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency has many programs to assist you or your family with housing assistance or  provide services to help you out of homelessness and into permanent housing. We also have programs to help with food, health care services, health and wellness, or cash benefits. Click below to get information on services to navigate out of homelessness or programs to assist in maintaining your current housing. 


If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, contact the HOME Team by calling (530) 470-2866 or emailing home@nevadacountyca.gov .  


Nevada County can help landlords with guaranteed rent, master leasing,  repair costs, and appliance replacement for rentals provided to those who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness. If you have or know or some one that has a rental property and is interested in our Landlord Liaison and Recruitment Program, call (530) 878-5088 or contact AMI housing at HCT@amihousing.org

Better Together Nevada County

Better Together is an overall strategy spearheaded by Nevada County to support innovative and meaningful collaboration with key stakeholders, while educating the public, and inviting them to be part of the solution. Undoubtedly, we are Better Together. The Better Together site aims to keep the community informed of our constantly growing and evolving partnerships, as well as ongoing projects and events aimed at ending homelessness. 

Rental and Down Payment Assistance

Nevada County works with the state to provide access to rental and down payment assistance when funds are available.  Visit the the Housing and Community Service page for additional information on funding availability, eligibility, and how to apply.