Professional Photocopiers

Filing Requirements for New Registrations

  1. Complete the appropriate Certificate of Registration Form. A professional photocopier shall be registered by the County Clerk of the county in which he or she resides or has his/her principal place of business, and in which he/she maintains a branch office (Business and Professions Code 22452).
  2. Bond in the amount of $5,000 (Business and Professions Code 22455)
  3. Filing Fee: All fees can be found on the Fee Schedule or on the Application (Business and Professions Code 22453)
  4. Recording fees for 1st page of the bond and fee for each additional page of the bond. See recording fees in the Fee Schedule (PDF) (Government Code 27361)
  5. An Identification (ID) ID card will be issued and a minimum of two 1 inch photographs per ID card requested must be submitted by the applicant at the time of filing. There is a fee for each additional ID Card Requested. (Business and Professions Code 22457)
  6. All registrations expire 2 years from the filing date (Business and Professions Code 22456)

Filing Requirements for Existing Registrations

Complete steps 1 through 6 as outlined for new registrant.

Note to Current Registrants

The registration number issued will remain in effect as long as there is no lapse in the registration. If the registration is allowed to expire, a new registration number must be issued.

Application Forms