Unlawful Detainer Assistant

Unlawful Detainer Assistant Documents


To complete the registration process, you must do the following:
  1. Complete and sign the application form (Business and Professions Code 6402)
  2. Provide supporting documentation as requested on the application form. (Business and Professions Code 6402.1)
    1. Provide payment of fees: (Business and Professions Code 6404)
    2. Registration Fee - cash or check payable to Nevada County Recorder
    3. Fee for File Stamp Bond
  3. Recording Fee for 1st page of the bond and fee for each additional page of the bond. See recording fees in the Fee Schedule
  4. Identification (ID) Cards - One ID card will be issued; however, there is a fee of $10 per additional ID Card. A minimum of two 1 foot photographs must be submitted by the applicant at the time of filing per card requested.
  5. Provide a $25,000 Unlawful Detainer Assistant Bond. (Business and Professions Code 6405)
  6. Present a Valid picture Identification
  7. All registrations expire 2 years from the filing date.

Note to Current Registrants

The registration number issued will remain in effect as long as there is no lapse in the registration. If the registration is allowed to expire, a new registration number must be issued.

Please note - a separate bond is required for each type of registration. If you are applying for registration in multiple counties, then you must also have a separate bond for each county you are applying to register in. (Business and Professions Code 6405)